Muscle strains, tendon injuries, arthritis, bursitis – all of these can lead to hip pain. Hip pain has a way off affecting you no matter what you’re doing. Walking, sitting, even lying down – depending on the nature of your injury, you might experience pain when doing any or even all of the above.

PRP and stem cell treatment can help. Our doctors can inject this potent healing mixture directly where your injury begins. When the PRP and stem cells mix, the PRP signals to the stem cells that it’s time to start healing. The stem cells then turn into exactly the kind of cells that are necessary to repair the damage in your hip.

Successful hip treatments with PRP and stem cells can help you to put off or even avoid risky hip surgery or replacement. Imagine – being able to enjoy your regular activities without pain and without surgery. Our advanced treatments can make it possible, so call us today to learn more.