Pain conditions for the elbow often go by names such as “tennis elbow” and “golfer’s elbow,” but the truth is anyone can experience these injuries. The most painful elbow conditions come when the tendons or ligaments holding the elbow together are torn. Don’t worry – your arm isn’t going anywhere. But attempting to move it or performing tasks with your hand such as grasping, rotating, or typing can be very painful.

If your pain comes from a soft tissue tear (like a ligament or tendon injury), then you’re an excellent candidate for PRP and stem cell treatment. Injecting PRP and stem cells directly at the site of your injury can jumpstart your healing process. Instead of waiting for your body to eventually deliver the right healing ingredients where they need to go, our doctors put your body’s own healing materials right where they need to be. The result is fast pain relief and deep healing that lasts.

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