Ankle sprains are very common among professional athletes, but the truth is that anyone can suffer them. All it takes is one slip on wet pavement or tripping on one of the kids’ toys. Some medications, such as a certain group of antibiotics, can cause ankle tendonitis and pain. Whether your injury occurred on the field or simply as a result of life, ankle pain can make it hard and painful to walk, run, and enjoy life.

Let our doctors and their PRP and stem cell treatments get you back to normal life. We can find out exactly where your ligaments have been torn or sprained. Then, we’ll inject a mix of PRP and stem cells exactly at the site of your injury. The PRP assesses the injury and releases growth factors that instruct the stem cells what to do. Then, the stem cells turn into the kinds of cells needed to heal the damage. It’s as simple as that.

An injured ankle doesn’t have to be your Achilles heel. Whether you want to return to running touchdowns or chasing the kids through the sprinklers, we can help you get back to that normal life. Give us a call today to set your appointment!